DH meme → [9 Episodes]: s06e18 “My two young men
Your son just announced that he’s giving up college so he can be the guy in charge of guts, and all you can say is, “Oh, boy, free meat”?

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Let’s go. Wait, I gotta watch this guy’s bag.

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Jaiden Week - Day 3: Domesticity

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Jaiden Week: Day 1 (First)

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Anonymous asked:
i know you have a few more deaths before it happens but when cyril o'reily's death shows up on my dash I am going to cry like a baby. i love your gifs!

Well, I’m going to cry doing the gifs, it’s just imposible not to…..

Thank you so much :), hugs!

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Oz - Every Death [92/?] : Omar white

I wanted Omar White to exterminate me. When he refused, I killed him, knowing I’d be sent here, that the state would do what Omar wouldn’t.

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Jaiden Week: Day 3 (AU)
The Bite

"Aiden, you didn’t…" Ethan muttered while wearing a concerned expression.

He didn’t acknowledge him though, rather gazing on at what he’d done. It purely happened by instinct. Aiden knew he shouldn’t have the second his sharp fangs sunk into the tender flesh of Jackson’s side, that there’d certainly be consequences to his actions, but he couldn’t curve the impulse. This human was everything he lusted for, and he wanted to make him his; to own him.

"Why’d you do it?" his twin drawled in a hushed tone, breaking the silence. "We’re an alpha pack. We aren’t suppose to have betas.”

"Don’t lecture me," Aiden hissed. "I know what I did."

"All for a new plaything?" Ethan pressed on. "He’ll be lucky to survive, and even if he does, what’s to stop Deucalion from forcing you to kill him?"

"I’ll cross that bridge when it comes," Aiden replied, still staring at Jackson in fascination.

Ethan shook his head and sighed. “It’s on you then. I hope he’s worth it.”

"I imagine he will be," Aiden whispered as he watched Jackson examine the bite wound. Hopefully Deucalion wouldn’t mind so long as they became a mated pair. And even if he did, well… Aiden could see himself putting up one hell of a fight over it. This one was his and he wasn’t going to allow anyone to take that from him.

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JaidenWeek → Day 4: Domesticity

"Do you know what day it is?" Aiden cuddled up to Jackson, who was barely awake, pressing kisses to his neck.

"Mm…" Jackson groaned pulling more covers up over himself. "Early."

He leaned in close to his ear. “It’s Saturday.” 

"Oh god, Saturday." Jackson cooed.

"Uh huh." Aiden rolled Jackson over and slowly straddled his waist. "Which means," He pressed a soft kiss to Jackson’s bare chest. "No working."

"Ohhh yeah." Jackson sighed.

Another kiss. “No school run.”

"Oh my god!" He practically squealed.

Aiden moved up this time and planted a kiss to Jackson’s lips. “No early night.”

Jackson grinned and pulled Aiden in for another kiss, a deeper kiss. Aiden’s hand sliding up Jackson’s thigh, grinding against him, neither of them wore underwear to bed which made this so more much convenient.

Jackson’s hand had started to trail down Aiden’s stomach, making him moan. Just as his hand was slipping beneath the covers their bedroom door swung open.

"Dads! Hayden isn’t sharing the legos and I’m trying to build a castle!" Carver, the youngest of their twins (if only by 4 minutes), barged in to room

Aiden threw himself off the edge of the bed in a desperate attempt to hide his nakedness as Jackson brought the covers up to his neck.

"Damnit." Jackson muttered. "Hayden! Give Carver some of the legos!"

"Hayden! Papa Jackson said I’ve to get some legos too!" The boy ran screaming back down the hall.

"I heard him! Stupid head!" Hayden screamed back.

"That’s enough!" Jackson called to the both of them and they immediately quietened down.

"Hooray for Saturday." Aiden laughed slightly, leaning on the edge of the mattress.

Jackson sighed, throwing his head in his hands. “Twins…”

"Hey." Aiden crawled in the covers beside him, taking his hand. "Twins are the best…I mean, yeah they’ll fight now…and probably forever. But they’re brothers they’re allowed to fight each other, it’s when somebody else tries to fight one that they’ll both come together and totally kick his ass…they’ll protect each other, for life." Aiden smiled, kissing the back of Jackson’s hand. "And then one will go on and settle for some tall, dark Hawaiian bimbo, while the other, and much hotter twin, bags a totally hot beach body babe who looks like they just stepped out of a fitness magazine." Aiden snorted nuzzling into Jackson’s neck.

"I must have gotten the wrong twin." He smiled, making Aiden laugh.

"Dads! Dads!" Both twins practically flew up to the doorway. "We put both our legos together!" Hayden said.

"And made an even bigger house!" Carver said

"And it’s totally awesome!"

"Totally awesome!"

Aiden raised his eyebrows at Jackson with a smirk.

Jackson just nudged him and smiled at the twins. “Great job guys! You know who else loves legos?” He gasped. “Papa Aiden! And he said he’s gonna help you make the biggest lego house you’ve ever seen!”



Aiden stared at him. “Throw me to the wolves, really?” 

"We’re not gonna find out if they’re wolves for another couple of years." Jackson patted him on the back and smiled. "You should be fine till then."

Aiden huffed a laugh. “Alright then. Carver, buddy, could you pass me my sweatpants please? Gonna build the shit out of that lego house.”

"You said a swear!

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