Oz - Every Death [80/?] : Father Daniel Meehan

You know, a couple of Sundays ago at mass, he read the part of the gospel where after Jesus was pulled off the cross his friends took the body down and they washed it. I’d like to do that. I’d like to wash Father Meehan’s body.

Sep 14    3

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Oz - Every Death [79/?] : Augustus Hill

Let me tell you, dying is a lot harder on the living then it is on the dead. Death really only hurts those left behind.

Sep 11    11

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Oz - Every Death [78/?] : Adam Guenzel

You were asking about Adam Guenzel, about the circumstances surrounding his rape, and I kept silent at the time because of…because of my own involvement. Now I think, had I spoken and told you what I knew, Adam might still be alive.

Sep 10    4

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Oz - Every Death [77/?] : Jian Kenmin

I hear Justice has been served. Your brother’s going to die for whacking Li Chen. My only wish…Is that you’d been in court the day I testified. “Li Chen, he was a good man who wouldn’t hurt a flea." I even choked back a fucking tear. I was brilliant.

Sep 9    3

Oz - Every Death [76/?] : Salvatore DeSanto

I really should have the food that Desanto was eating tested.  Now that’s a good idea. Only problem is ain’t no food left. My boys they ain’t so good at cooking, but when it comes to the end of the day, man, they can clean up that cafeteria, I’m telling you. 

Sep 6    6

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Oz - Every Death [75/?] : Ahmad Lalar

How you send a message to a leader of the pack? You kill the youngest and the weakest of the herd.

Sep 5    8

Oz - Every Death [74/?] : Li Chen

 I got nothing to say O’Reily. Your brother’s going to die. They’re going to fry his white ass and I’m going to be sitting in the front row laughing my balls off. 

Sep 4    7

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Oz - Every Death [73/?] : Jaime Velez

I want to follow you. You’re the next wave and I want to be your Lieutenant. Kill Guerra.

Sep 3    3

Oz - Every Death [72/?] : Jim Burns

The Reverend Cloutier was in my cell last night. You had a dream. It was no dream. He told me to kill you.

Sep 2    8

Oz - Every Death [68-71/?] : Carrie Schillinger - Annette Osorio - Sonsyrea Arif - Eugenia Hill

But what is it that makes a man common? Better yet, what makes him unique? Winning wars? winning awards? No. What lifts a man out of the ordinary is who he loves. And who loves him.

Sep 1    14